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I'm a liturgical musician with St. John the Evangelist R.C. Church
I play traditional Celtic music with Dileab Phriseil (Precious Heritage) 
I'm a private pilot member of TSS Flying Club

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    Hi Phil. Thanks for your input regarding Martin strings for my D12-35. Your suggestions were much better than "have them put Elixirs on" LOL. I did speak to Dave Doll at Martin and he has a new set of strings that are a custom set he put on his 12 and he is going to do the same for me. Can't wait to get my baby back and take some pictures to post. When I brought it in to Martin a few months ago they told me it was just about the nicest Brazilian D12-35 they had ever seen. Certainly worth the $500 I spent back in '70!  :-)  Thanks again Gary


    Reply from FlyerPhill:

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Just noticed this ... it didn't come thru the normal Yuku PM mechanism.

    Anyway, glad to help out. I figured many of the others had missed the fact that the strings were being applied at the Martin factory so the D'addario, et al, suggestions were moot.

    So Dave Doll runs a custom set on his 12, eh? I'd be inclined to do the same but neither Just Strings nor Strings & Beyond carry Martin singles in the gauges/series' that I'd be looking for. i'd be curious to find out just what types/gauges he's running. IIRC he has a D12-28.